I am Mikia Harris but I also go by the name Yajuu. I am a 31-year-old alien amateur artist that loves cows, food, old school anime/music/aesthetics, tokusatsu, aliens, mythology, science, wuxia, and scary things. I hope to become a professional illustration artist one day if I don’t die of old age, first.
For some unknown reason, I waited nearly 16 years to finally draw my comic Ghost Revolution. I also have two other planned comics: Dream Catchers and (To be announced). You’ll see those in due time, though. Maybe.

Ghost Revolution

Ghost Revolution takes place about 100,000+ years in the future where monsters, mythological creatures, youkai, demons and the like, also known as “ghosts”, are the dominant race of beings on earth. It follows the main character Liang(Kireihi) who wants to get revenge on his mother but is put through trials in order to do so.
Ghost Revolution, in general, is a very dark story and will have a lot of adult themes and violence but that doesn’t stop it from having humor, romance and lightheartedness.

Ghost Revolution was created on December 27th 2004.